Peace Chamber Caretaker

Ceremonial Musician

 Sacred Activist

& Shamanic Healer


Mz. imani works with people to invite them to reflect the heart of the divine and be a force of nature that brings more light to the world. Her purpose is to help people be more deeply connected with their hearts and the rhythm of life. She stands beside her sisters and brothers and calls forth the wisdom that resides in each and every one of us.

For nearly 25 years, Mz. imani has been following the path of the drum. This was long before the days it became accepted and common for women to play the drums. Since her early childhood she has been singing with the spirits of the forest and nature, and she “knew” that she was destined to play an instrument. In her mid 20’s she found her instrument, the drum and has been honing her skills to listen to, and support, the rhythm of life.

Mz. imani has a strong and independent streak of exploring the ineffable, and is passionate about experiencing the innate sense of the wild. She has direct experience and a deep desire to validate and support people who are on a spiritual path, as she has always seen and felt things that many do not. For most of her life, she struggled with finding her place in the world and her peers. These beautiful and deep challenges have served her well to define and develop her commitment to help others find validation in listening to their spiritual and heART centered truths, in the company of chosen or biological family. Her work and play is to gather with the creator and the people in circle, to sing and pray for the planet, the people and share the knowledge and wisdom teachings that carry her forward.

The music and teachings that roll through me come from my life experience and the guidance of spirit. I am blessed with a unique perspective and sense of purpose: I am here to celebrate and honor the sacred in all life. My methods come from years of forming relationships with community through ceremony, the drum, and elemental alchemy. From start to finish, my work is held as a prayer and is offered as an invitation for each of us to explore and tend to our personal and collective relationship with the divine.

She has recently become the new caretaker of the Swannanoa Peace Chamber.  For more information visit:

Soulfire Circles or her music webpage Mz imani

You can email Imani at:



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