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Zoe was taught to make fans by a Shawnee elder who was one of the leading fan makers in the country.  With over 20 years of experience she has incorporated many fine details and tricks that make her fans strong and durable and will not come apart.  She takes great care and love in crafting each one.  She is also available to teach her craft to groups.  If you are interested in having Zoe visit your area you can contact her through email .

macaw-smudge-fan.jpg (27179 bytes)  Small Macaw Smudge Fan ....$35


Single Turkey Feather Fans ....$50
These fans are great to use with you smudge bowl as you smudge your environment or other people.  Add $30 if you want  peyote style beading on the handle. There are no two fans exactly alike.  Accent feathers can range from other turkey feathers to Macaw feathers.  These fans can be used with your smudge bowl and are large enough to use in wiping energy fields.  Add $35 if you want peyote style beading.

If your would like to purchase or order any fan or craft, Please email for availability and shipping cost to add to your payment and form of payment you would like to use.  For your convenience you may use PayPay.  

Custom Fans:
Zoe also makes custom fans with feathers you supply.  Prices will vary on the style and detail you desire.  Contact Zoe if you are interested in a Custom Fan.  She does have some macaw tail and wing feathers available to make a few additional custom fans.  Supplies are limited.  

Click pictures below for larger view of fans Zoe has made.

peyotefanwb.jpg (39654 bytes)

grouse-fanop.jpg (14303 bytes)

Debra's-fan-close-up-op.jpg (18842 bytes)

sue's-fan-op.jpg (16362 bytes)

turkey-fan--wb.jpg (45778 bytes)

crow-fan-wb.jpg (21534 bytes)

dav-turkeywb.jpg (11675 bytes) turkey-fanop.jpg (15990 bytes)

grouse-fan-wb.jpg (35575 bytes)

turkeywingwb.jpg (9104 bytes)

crow-fan2wb.jpg (33103 bytes)
macaw-fan1wb.jpg (25452 bytes) turkeytipwb.jpg (27546 bytes) turkey-heyokawb.jpg (18567 bytes)

turtlerattle-op.jpg (11983 bytes) click for larger view

 Box Turtle Rattle ...$125

This is a bleached by nature turtle shell.  The backing is made of stretched raw-hide which gives the rattle two distinct sounds. Add $75 for beading

*Note: I only have a couple of shells left to make this fan ... First come, First serve ... Order today!


snapping-turtle-close-up.jpg (14388 bytes)snap-turtle-side.jpg (5675 bytes)

Click for Close up

Water Turtle Rattle ... $125

This tortoise shell has a hard attached back, this is  a "red ear" turtle.  The natural patterns can only come from God.  I have created a way to seal the ends keeping the integrity. It is tipped with horse-hair on the end.  Add $75 for beading

Peyote Gourd Rattle ...$85

This rattle is used in traditional ceremony.  Add $75 for beading, $200 for fully beaded handle.


*Note: The pictures shown are not rattles made by me, but used to give you an ideal of what the rattle looks like.  Sorry ... I forgot to make pictures of mine


Neck Medicine Bag ... $40

These bags are used to carry around your neck with your personal medicine in them.  


med-bagwb.jpg (12558 bytes)pipe-bagwb.jpg (13782 bytes)

Leather Medicine Bag ... $125 - up

These bags can be used for a variety of things from a pipe bag, to carrying other important objects such as rocks or herbs.  They are hand stitched and fringed.  The price will vary on the size. Add $ 125 up for bead work depending on size of bag and amount of beading you want.


shoe6blk-op.jpg (26989 bytes) ICustom Beaded Lakota Style Moccasins ...$750
Fitted to you with colors and style beading of you choice.  Please allow 3 month delivery time as crafting them for you takes time.


Smudge Sticks ... $4
These sticks are made with Southwestern Sage

Other Trading Post Items

Jewelry Pendants from India Item #12

greenturq-coral-pendwb.jpg (9407 bytes)


greenturqcoral-sm-pendwb.jpg (9807 bytes)

Turquoise & Coral

sqaregreenturp-coral-pendwb.jpg (8495 bytes)

Turquoise & Coral

coralturq-pendantwb.jpg (9146 bytes)

Turquoise & Coral

blue-silver-pendwb.jpg (8146 bytes)


$65-B $65-C $125-D $85-E
blueturq-rose-pendwb.jpg (8830 bytes)

Turquoise & Coral 

ttrqroselightwb.jpg (8169 bytes)


light-turq-pendwb.jpg (6386 bytes)    


$75-F $75-G $75-H    

Native Style
Octagon Barrel Flutes,
River Cane Flutes,
Bone Flutes
Turkey Bone Whistles by Shadow Flute

click for larger view

River Cane Native Style Flutes.  Each flute is carefully tuned and can be ordered in any key.  Starting at $45.  These flutes are crafted by Shadow Flute

Turkey Bone Whistle.

Plain or Decorated.  Plain single order: $35. Orders of 6 or more at $25 each. Decorated starting at $60


Visit Shadow Walker on MySpace to hear music and see more flutes!

Please contact Zoe if you have any questions


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