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Zoe Bryant 

Zoe Bryant was raised in East Texas as a Methodist minister's daughter in a fairly large family. She examined the Spiritual Nature of religion from an early age. As a young adult, Zoe began her spiritual quest. She investigated Mystery School information while conceiving a new perspective on Self Awareness and was immersed in the educational aspects of personal growth and human consciousness.

In her early twenties, she and her family moved from Texas into the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina where her life began to concede its new purpose. With deeply motivated feelings about her family and the Mystery School education she had received, she began the study of Indigenous Americans and their Spiritual approach to living. Native American Philosophy emerged as a primary source of inspiration and guidance as Zoe's connection to the Earth Mother became key in the quest for Wisdom.

In the early eighties, Zoe initiated an educational forum which she named The Earth Center. From her home in Swannanoa, she began to offer workshops and seminars, bringing teachers and shaman from all over the world to share the knowledge of indigenous people.

In 1990 Zoe began the development of the 18th World Peace Sound Chamber located in the mountainous area of the Blue Ridge in North Carolina. The Peace / Sound Chamber was the vision of a Pueblo Shaman known as Beautiful Painted Arrow, or Joseph Rael. To date, there are over 70 such chambers world wide. She organized and formed the non-profit organization "Earth's Ancestral Voices" whose purpose is to support the educational and Spiritual teaching available at the Peace Sound Chamber.

Joseph Rael offers blessing at the foundation stone of the Peace Sound Chamber

Watersong Peace Chamber in Graham NC is the home of The Foundation For Earth's Ancestral Voices. David Stephenson and Cheryl Braswell caretake this chamber and Zoe remains a steady voice on the board. The Peace Sound Chambers function as a center for education, ceremony, and chanting; bringing a Light of Inspiration to all who care to partake of its Mystery and Elucidation. Several Ceremonial Dances are a part of the  visage at the Peace Sound Chamber where outdoor dance and drumming are a part of each year's Spiritual agenda.  

One of Zoe Bryant's greatest offerings includes the ability to nurture individuals on a "one on one" basis through personal intense ceremony.  Ceremonies are offered through various rites and practices.  The quest for Wisdom through Ceremony creates in the Seeker, new countenance for the soul and the Higher Being. Zoe is available by appointment for two or four day intensives customized to each individual's needs. "It is a life changing event and there comes a time when the soul is ready for a new direction."

Zoe Bryant's talent is obvious in several other disciplines as well. Pipe making is just one of her capable aptitudes. Commissioned to create the Chanunpa, she carves pipes from various stones including Pipestone. Ceremonial Pipes are lela wakan "very sacred" in addition to being a major part of the Sacred Ceremonies specified to Indigenous American Cultures. Zoe creates individual Pipes through inspiration, creating not only Ceremonial Artifacts, but true art forms. Her pipes have been commissioned by many people all over the country.

Zoe has recently moved to Nebo NC to began her work anew.  Still a member of the larger family of the World Peace Chamber project as envisioned by Joseph Rael, she has turned the reins of the Swannanoa Peace Chamber over to a new caretaker . This is an exciting new chapter in her life.


Zoe's modesty about her teachers is apparent as you talk with her, offering only her own talent as a prerequisite to the dialogue of her experiences. Only until after you get to know her will her life's experiences become available to you. She is a teacher,   according to her, but there is much more to this woman than meets the eye of a casual encounter. 


Ceremonial Pipes by Zoe Bryant

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